My résumé

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I am a UX Designer with over 4 years of experience in web design. I have a proven track record in improving usability and increasing Conversion Rate. I am confident in leading workshops and delivering presentations to gain stakeholder buy-in. Click Here to download my résumé.

Work Experience

UX Designer at CEWE

At CEWE, I am the only designer in the digital team. I have been responsible for a wide variety of tasks and projects, including the a website redesign, leading workshops, running A/B tests and supporting the marketing team with creative content.

Web Designer at CEWE

As web designer at CEWE, I developed a modular design system using HTML and CSS, supported marketing team with web assets and print work, and directed product photo shoots to clearly communicate product features.

Freelance Designer

As Freelance Designer, I was involved in a variety of work, including designing emails for The Just Group (an Australian retail group), designing a website using Odoo as an ecommerce platform (Korb), and working on various brand identity and marketing projects.

Junior Designer at Attitude Design

At Attitude Design I would typically see a project through from start to finish, from creative conception to amending designs to finalising artwork for web and print. I predominantly worked on branding and web design projects.


Professional Diploma in UX Design

UX Design Institute / Glasgow Caledonian University

Bachelor of Music in Music Performance

University of West London

Higher National Diploma in Music Performance

University of West London

BTEC National Diploma in Fine Art

Solihull Sixth Form College

Professional Skills

As a UX Designer, I have a diverse skill set that includes research methods, design software, prototyping apps and analytic tools. I feel confident in the skills that I currently have, but I am also eager to learn, refine and add to these skills. In terms of software, I spend a lot of my time using Sketch, Photoshop, inDesign and Atom.

Adobe Creative Suite

I have experience using Adobe programs, predominantly Illustrator, Photoshop and inDesign, and have some experience using XD and Dreamweaver.

Competent in HTML & CSS

I have been learning HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript in my spare time over the last year, and have experience doing front end development in my current position.

Usability testing

On my UX Diploma, I was taught how to create recruitment screeners, write scripts and deliver usability test sessions. I deliverd four test sessions and gained some great insights.

Leading workshops

In my current job, I have successfully lead workshops and card sorting exercises to help identify opportunities, create focus and provide direction to some of the projects I have been working on.

Personal Attributes

I am empathetic

As a designer, it is imperative to try to see things from the user’s perspective. As a person, I think there is a lot to be gained from understanding others better.

I love learning

Whether it be through reading philosophical or scientific literature, taking online courses or having dance lessons, I’m always learning something.

Beauty makes me happy

I love well designed things–buildings, furniture, clothes and objects. I feel happier and more inspired when surrounded by these things.

I take criticism well

On my music degree, I was exposed to some pretty brutal criticism. I am very grateful for this experience now because it taught me not to take things personally.


He’s a great guy. Very creative with a natural flair for clean and minimal design. Since working with Dan, I’ve seen him grow and improve his skills, so I am confident he will be successful at whatever he turns his hand to. As a person he is easy to work with, honest and great to have around. He always listens and keeps the client at the heart of what he produces.

Matt Davies | Creative Director | Attitude Design