Stuff I've written


  • What designers can learn from ethical philosophy

    In this article, I will explore the three main theories of normative ethics and show how we can bring ethics into our practice as designers.

  • Good design vs ethical design

    I have recently been doing work on design ethics at the Ministry of Justice for the Office of the Public Guardian. I’m currently exploring what…

  • The Design Virtues

    Is ethical design just good design? Can something be a case of good design without being ethical? Can something be a case of ethical design witho…

  • Ethics in design: What is ethics?

    In recent times, ethics has become something of a buzzword in the tech industry, and for a good reason. Bad design decisions can lead to devastat…

  • Joining OPG Digital as an Interaction Designer during a pandemic

    Starting a new job is quite a daunting experience at the best of times. Starting a job during a global pandemic is something else.