I believe in ethical, human-centred design.

About me

Daniel Guy

I am a human-centred designer who has delivered products and services in both the private and public sectors. I have improved usability and conversion rate for ecommerce websites and have designed public facing Government services that are fit for the future. I specialise in form design and prototyping. Find out more about me.

My work

  • Government crown logo

    The Modern LPA

    This project will be available once the information it contains is in the public domain.

  • Government crown logo

    Return To A Claim

    Applying for criminal injury compensation is a long process that forces users to think about traumatic events in their lives.

  • Government crown logo

    Prove Your Identity

    In an ever-changing digital landscape, how might someone prove their identity online?

  • Fashion Ecommerce Website

    Design and build an ecommerce website for a sustainable fashion brand.

  • Colourful abstract shapes

    Inclusive Patterns

    This project showcases my ongoing work to create an accessible pattern library for use in future projects.

  • Colourful abstract shapes

    Ecommerce Usability

    Improve usability of an ecommerce website to drive conversion and revenue.

  • Logos for The UX Design Institute and Glasgow Caledonian University

    UX Diploma

    This project consists of work I did for my UX Diploma at Glasgow Caledonian University, run by the UX Design Institute.