The Company

Korb is Melbourne's leading manufacturer and supplier of Tactile Ground Surface Indicators (TGSI), Stair Nosing, Entrance Matting, Braille Signage, Bicycle Racks & other Safety Products. They are at the forefront of the movement to better and safer environments and can help guide you through the ever-changing requirements.

The Project

Korb's website was looking a little dated and they wanted to stand out amongst their competitors. They asked me to redesign their website and create a corporate identity to help them tell their story.

Role: UI Designer

Identity UI Design Brochure


In the early stages of this project, I was shown some photographs of some of the site Korb had worked on. This gave me the idea to explore an industrial, architectural aethetic. Many of Korb's customers were construction companies and architects so the idea was to play in to this as a visual language, showcasing interesting structures and shapes created by the buildings where Korb products had been installed.

Through experimentation, we realised that the photography was much stronger in black and white. This bold photographic style became the focal point of Korb's visual identity.

UI Design

Using this inductrial, architectural angle, I started redesigning the website. I gained inspiration from various achrchitecture firms and which utilised blueprints and diagrams as part of their design style.


I created an icon for each of their product gategories.

I also designed icons to be used on the "About us" page.


I also put together a series of brochures for Korb in the same style.