About me

Daniel Guy

I am a UX / Product Designer based in Nottingham, UK. I am a deep thinker and write philosophy in my spare time. Click here to read my philosophy blog.

I have a Professional Diploma in UX Design from Glasgow Caledonian University that was run by the UX Design Institute. I spent six months studying alongside my current employment position from July 2018 to January 2019. During that time, I used some of the tools and processes that I was learning on my diploma. Since graduating in January, I have been working as a UX Designer, conducting my own research, designing, testing and iterating solutions within an agile framework. Research methods include usability testing, in-depth interviews, online surveys and polls, A/B testing, heat-maps, analytics and competitive benchmarking. I also have experience leading team workshops and delivering presentations to gain stakeholder buy-in.

The thing I enjoy most about User Experience design is the knowledge that I am solving real user problems and, therefore, designing for users rather than for myself or board members. From personal experience, this has helped the team view design goals and feedback in a more objective light, and has helped minimise opinion-based discussion. I also enjoy seeing how solving these problems improves user journeys over time, usually manifested in increased conversion rate and revenue.